• Rest & Relaxation
    Rest & Relaxation Whether it's for a week or a night, we provide an escape from it all.
  • Ignite The Senses
    Ignite The Senses Fresh local ingredients and an emphasis on quality mean your dining experience will be one to remember.
  • On The Rock
    On The Rocks Scotch: No matter how you drink it, you should drink it here.
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Blue on Water's signature can be found in the details. Locally owned and operated, we maintain the hospitality that the island is known for, all while putting our own touch on everything we do.


At Blue on Water, we don’t settle. We have a firm belief in serving great food, and we know that comes from great ingredients.

We believe that quality can make the difference between just another meal and a memorable experience. That’s why we work with local farmers and other suppliers to ensure that everything that goes into making our food is the best that it can be. In fact, in an effort to ensure truly fresh food, as well as plenty of options, we use our own home grown assortment of over 11,000 herbs, vegetables, and other ingredients wherever possible.

Along with our focus on things being fresh, we also know that age can be a good thing. With several Red Seal chefs on staff, we understand that experience plays a crucial role in making more than just another meal with great ingredients.

Please, join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a weekend brunch to taste the difference our efforts make and see why our customers believe we are the best restaurant in St. John’s.

We recommend that you contact us, or call 1-877-431-BLUE (2583) toll-free or 754-BLUE (2583) locally to reserve your table.